COMBINATION CLASS:  Ages 3-5 yr. old
The combination program includes 25 minutes of Tap, 25 minutes of Ballet.  The class concludes with a varied Creative Dance Curriculum.  (Child must be potty trained)

 BALLETAges 6 and up
Ballet is a form of dance that emphasizes technique, balance & grace.  Ballet is taught with full terminology of all movements

 JAZZAges 7 and up
Jazz incorporates various stretches, turns, leaps and footwork.  Movements are done to popular music and is a big hit with students of all ages.

 TAP:  Ages 6 and up
Tap is a form of dance in which rhythmical sounds are created by the feet, working on balance, coordination and rhythm.

 HIP-HOP Ages 8 and up
Hip-Hop is a combination of jazz & funk using all the latest movements and music. 

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